ATON Capital

ATON Capital provides growth capital to fundamentally sound, profitable or approaching profitability mid-market companies. Our team combines deep Western private equity expertise with native market knowledge and demonstrated industrial management skills.

We value entrepreneurs whose business vision and mission are both ambitious and pragmatic. We exercise appropriate direct involvement and provide assistance to business leaders of portfolio companies to minimize mistakes and accelerate the execution of strategy.

ATON Capital manages alternative investments for the Aton Group since 2008. Our goal is to deliver to our investors above-average long-term returns through the transformation of entrepreneurial businesses into larger professionally managed companies with industry-leading market positions.

In its investment approach, ATON Capital’s team draws on over 60 man-years of professional experience in private equity and venture capital in the US, Europe and Russia. We have an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship in Russia, of its market and operating characteristics. All senior members of the team have high-level operating management experience. Team members boast 30 deals covering the full investment cycle (from entry to exit) in various industry sectors, six of which went on to raise money through an IPO on international capital markets.

Investment Strategy and Focus

  • ATON Capital provides growth capital to fundamentally sound, profitable or approaching profitability mid-market companies;
  • Investment range: $10-20m;
  • Flexibility to invest in both control and minority positions;
  • Target revenue range: $30-$300m;
  • We do not invest in: natural resources, liquor, military-related activities, gambling and films. We do not invest in start-ups.



We seek to build close, long-term relationships with the management and shareholders of our portfolio companies. We attach great importance to a balanced long-term motivation system for the management team, constant monitoring of operating efficiency, and Board of Directors as a strategic management function. We focus on these and numerous other considerations, which ultimately determine the quality of our investments. It is this rigorous approach that, in the long run, improves substantially the odds for our investee companies’ sustained growth. The preparation for follow-on rounds of financing, strategic sale or an IPO, beyond creating potential “exits”, serves to install the disciplines necessary for building a world-class company.

Commercial property investment fund

ATON Capital Property Department manages a diversified portfolio of commercial assets. In addition, it manages an international property investment Fund. Our Property professionals have long experience in various areas of the property business, including highest quality office centers, retail property and sports facilities, and in structuring successful property investments for international institutions.

At present, our portfolio includes, among others:

  • Six Class A logistics terminals across Russia, with a combined area of nearly 300,000 square meters;
  • Class A office center operating under the World Trade Center brand in Nizhny Novgorod (17,500 square meters);
  • Class A- combined office and warehouse center in Moscow (over 20,000 square meters);
  • Large land plots on the Moscow ring road and in the Moscow region planned for multi-purpose development (retail, housing, logistics, office, hotel).