Brokerage Solutions

ATON is the reliable agent for investments in Global markets. Our expertise already suits completely different types of investors. We offer access to a variety of markets with extensive potential for the implementation of algorithmic and program trading strategies. Comprehensive low latency connectivity enables arbitrage, market making and other strategies.

We provide you with the following services on Russian and international financial markets:

Electronic Trading

ATON offers you individual and flexible solutions for Direct Market Access to European, North American and Russian exchanges. Our DMA clients may choose between low and no-touch trading.

There are various advantages of DMA trading with ATON including but not limited to:

  • Wide range of financial instruments
  • Real-time and historical market data
  • Customizable trading applications with various interfaces
  • Online portfolio and margin position monitoring
  • A dedicated help desk for the full range of DMA support queries

We provide Electronic Access to Global Markets via different trading applications as well as access to a full range of services.

Algo, HFT and Program Trading

ATON provides state-of-the art technology and products in the fast-growing Algo, HFT and Program trading branches. In detail our Algo trading department supplies you with:

  • Solid IT infrastructure
  • Algo & robot trading project office
  • Sophisticated trading tools and networks
  • Tailor - made solutions

Algo and robot trading requires a stable and fast connectivity to exchanges, as well as a sophisticated risk management concept to avoid delays during the order transaction from the client to the execution venue. Naturally, supplementary services such as margin trading, reporting, and straight forward legal set up process are provided. Based on our tailor-made client oriented approach we are able to create a unique solution for Algo & program traders, including HFT.

Execution only Services

Those who seek electronic execution without custody may be interested in execution only services. The model means utilizing ATON’s access to global markets while keeping the assets in third parties custody.

This concept includes the following trading structures:

  1. Western markets (with T + N settlement structure)
  2. Russian local MICEX-RTS Markets (with T + N settlement structure as an alternative to the regular T + 0 settlement cycle)
  • Solid and client-oriented risk management
  • Fast and straight-forward settlement procedures
  • DMA based on the settlement dates T + N (on the market)
  • Euroclear, Clearstream, DTC, NSD and other clearing systems
  • DVP settlement
  • Online limit control

Russian markets

We offer you an unique possibilities to trade on Moscow Exchange. As well as a regular T+0 or T+2 settlement structures on RUB base, you may settle your deals in USD in your usual T+N settlement cycle.

Therefore our international partners benefit from the possibility to trade DMA on the most liquid Russian exchanges, cost effective, efficient and settle on their usual T + N structure.

  • DVP USD settlement on T+2 or T+3
  • NSD or Clearstream

Our international partners may take advantage of the best experience and opportunities on Russian markets.

Prime Brokerage Services

ATON’s Prime Services are developed to offer our clients a wide range of custody & brokerage solutions to invest in Global markets with a special focus on Russia.

Trading – DMA and care orders execution in financial markets in Russia, USA, Europe and Asia from one single account

Stock Lending & Cash Financing. Flexible discounts are applied to a wide list of marginal securities as well as comfortable terms for arbitrage positions are applied and, in addition, special conditions in case of a margin call can be agreed.

Multicurrency accounts – brokerage accounts opened with ATON support various currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and RUB.

Online FX trading – along with OTC trades we provide our clients with access to the FX order book which offers high liquidity and narrow spreads during the entire trading day.

ADR / GDR conversions – those interested in utilizing arbitrage opportunities between different venues (e. g. MICEX vs. LSE IOB) are able to make conversions from ADRs / GDRs to local shares and vice versa.

Third party trades settlement – ATON is able to settle OTC trades in such clearing systems as NSD, Euroclear, Clearstream, DTC and many more.

Reporting – brokerage report and list of trades are available in the Online Office which offers different formats as well as an automated email distribution.

Dedicated Account Manager – once you become a client of ATON, you will have a personal manager at your disposal if you need any assistance.