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ATON has created and is continuously improving an extensive trading platform designed with demanding infrastructural requirements and high data throughput in mind. This platform is built in a modular fashion, consisting of a select set of interdependent systems allowing the effortless expansion into new markets while offering multiple connectivity options for both trading and receiving market data.

A scalable trading architecture providing electronic trading is accessible via a variety of technologies and connectivity options. ATON’s team has domestic and international experience in DMA platform development that ensures stable and uninterrupted trading processing and market data feeds due to clear design decisions and a high level of support.


Trading Terminal by ARQA Technologies

QUIK is a multifunctional GUI for low touch trading with access to all markets available in ATON’s DMA Services including international markets. The terminal can be used for manual trading and as supplementary service for supervising co-location and proximity order flow.

This platform enables clients to manage their accounts and get electronic access to Global exchanges as well as many other options:

  • Different order types including algo
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Margin trading
  • Sub-broker & branding options
  • Mobile device support
  • Bi-lingual interface
  • Historical Charts
  • Daily\historical orders, deals, portfolio reports
  • Customizable interface including scripting
  • News feed
  • DDE and ODBC integration
  • Notification system
  • Advanced authorization
  • Technical analysis integrated tools

QUIK is the easy way to get direct electronic access to the world’s exchanges right from your desktop.


Quik Presentation 



Our platform is fully integrated with Bloomberg without any additional cost.

You may get access to global markets directly from your Bloomberg terminal. The advantages of EMSX solution are:

  • DMA and care orders from one screen
  • Fast and easy configurations
  • Access to all major regulated markets, dark pools, ECNs, MTFs
  • Ready-to-use and customizable interface solutions
  • Algo trading capability

Above all Bloomberg EMSX provides flexible grouping and filtering of orders; handy export from EMSX to Excel or back office; a variety of alerts and wide range of technical analysis tools.


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FIX Protocol

Solutions for FIX

The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol is a global open standard for real-time exchange of security transactions. Orders and executions are exchanged through standardized messages. One of FIX’s advantages is the variety of trading systems supporting FIX connectivity. Another one is the number of libraries available for developing your trading software. Besides that FIX Protocol can be adapted to support your requirements.

Connect your trading engine directly to the trading infrastructure at ATON and get the following benefits:

  • Up-to-date and industry-proven platform for FIX connectivity
  • Dedicated support team
  • Implementation of customized solutions
  • 4.2 and 4.4
  • Single or multiple FIX sessions for all markets available on our platform
  • Algorithmic and program trading capabilities
  • Possibility of monitoring the order-status

ATON’s FIX solutions provide you with flexible electronic access to a variety of markets for order routing and market data transfer. The advantage is a single universal connection to all markets; another option is to set up several FIX sessions per market to improve latency.

The FIX engine can be accessed by a wide range of connectivity options starting from Internet for standard DMA to exchange co-location to minimize latency. ATON FIX supports the possibility of having fully integrated pre-trade and post-trade risk control.


Point of Presence

  • M1 Datacenter (Moscow)

Owing to the fact that the Moscow exchange matching engine is situated at M1, it is the best location to place HFT, and algo trading programs. Several options are available including the following: co-location in exchange space, proximity hosting within ATON’s rack at M1, or a hybrid solution.

ATON’s and the exchange’s locations are cross-connected. As a result, a client may have access directly from the exchange co-location to a wide range of exchanges and services via ATON’s DMA infrastructure. International market data providers have POPs at M1 that allows also straightforward connection to international market data sources from proximity and exchange co-location.

  • Interxion Datacenter (London)

One of the significant advantages of being co-located at Interxion is having access to a number of financial networks, market data providers, liquidity nets, and exchanges. ATON offers proximity hosting at Interxion with low latency access to the LSE and Moscow Exchange. The infrastructure is based on dedicated lines and supports a full range of trading services.

  • Equinix LD4 (London)

Equinix allows connecting to the Moscow Exchange POP located there which is beneficial for low-latency trading and fast market data transfer. ATON offers low-latency access from LD4 to Moscow Exchange via FIX protocol.

Broker and Client Networks

ATON facilitates a quick setup and provides a market standard interface. These networks are very convenient for you to connect to ATON’s trading infrastructure without dedicated lines or VPN connection to deliver orders and return the executions electronically. Fast and convenient connection to any of a number of networks ATON is already associated with.

  • An option to connect to a client’s preferred network
  • Optimized infrastructure, low-latency networks and selected datacenters
  • Direct execution on markets or access to algorithms

ATON is available on:

  • Bloomberg Network
  • SunGard Global Network
  • Ullink UL NET Order Routing Network

Access to a client chosen network which is not yet in the list could be developed upon request.

Co-Location and Proximity

ATON offers proximity hosting at financial datacenters where ATON’s infrastructure and exchange POPs are located. The advantage of this service is having low latency access to Russian and international markets for trading and market data transfer, a range of pre-trade and post-trade services within ATON offerings and to minimize cost of keeping own infrastructure for a client.

The most interesting solution for HFT and algo traders is to locate their systems at a number of exchange co-locations which are inter-connected. Such a set up allows ultra-low latency interaction with exchange matching engines. ATON supports connectivity between co-colocations and provides integrated risk-management solutions for each market.

  • Carefully chosen datacenters delivering the best speed to the exchange and high quality of service
  • International network between various datacenters provides you with a reliable access to your server and the opportunity to access other services on ATON’s network
  • Hosting of your algorithmic trading systems in the immediate vicinity of the exchanges core trading and clearing systems

For having the lowest latency to the exchanges, essential for high frequency robots, that is the only solution. ATON assists you in getting up and running with your presence close to the exchanges.

FORTS Connection LSE Connection Moscow Exchange Connection


ATON is continuously investing in building a high-speed resilient network infrastructure based on the best industry practice. Datacenters on ATON’s POP map are connected syndetic with redundant low-latency pipes. Exchange network connectivity is supported via dedicated lines.

There are several ways to access ATON’s trading platform. Although the simplest way is a broker network, there is a number of possibilities to connect point-to-point. It is possible to set up a leased line to ensure connection stability, guaranteed speed and latency. Another option we offer is to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between client’s trading system and ATON’s infrastructure. It is the best option to save time on the connectivity set up process, very flexible and cost efficient.

  • A standard VPN solution over the Internet; both hardware and software solutions are available
  • Assistance in configuration
  • Professional network engineers to set up connectivity according to your specification
  • State-of-the-art and reliable network and inter-connects between various datacenters

ATON’s infrastructure is available both in UK’s and Russian datacenters, enabling a client to easily cross-connect to ATON’s DMA platform from a chosen datacenter. It is a preferred solution aimed to minimizing network latency between a client and ATON’s trading platform.